Event Catalogue for Business Management & Marketing

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Event Code Date Venue Location
 How to Break Even and Avoid Bad Debt EYC 20/200 17/09/2020 To be confirmed Maidstone
 Marketing and Promotion for Success EYC 20/201 17/09/2020 To be confirmed Maidstone
 A Successful Charity EYC 21/065 12/01/2021 To be confirmed Ashford
 How to Break Even and Avoid Bad Debt EYC 21/071 19/01/2021 To be confirmed Ashford
 Marketing and Promotion for Success EYC 21/074 19/01/2021 To be confirmed Ashford
 A Successful Charity EYC 21/066 09/02/2021 To be confirmed Maidstone
 A Successful Charity EYC 21/067 16/03/2021 To be confirmed Swale
 How to Break Even and Avoid Bad Debt EYC 21/072 24/03/2021 To be confirmed Gravesham
 Marketing and Promotion for Success EYC 21/075 24/03/2021 To be confirmed Gravesham
 A Successful Charity EYC 21/068 20/04/2021 To be confirmed Gravesham
 A Successful Charity EYC 21/069 12/05/2021 To be confirmed Dover
 How to Break Even and Avoid Bad Debt EYC 21/073 18/05/2021 To be confirmed Canterbury
 Marketing and Promotion for Success EYC 21/076 18/05/2021 To be confirmed Canterbury
 A Successful Charity EYC 21/070 14/06/2021 To be confirmed Sevenoaks